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Pewter Pet Medallion
$8.95   $4.47

These Pewter Pet Medallions are the perfect accessory for you or your dog. Crafted from pewter, the images are framed by a hammered background, creating appealing, timeless pieces that can be used as a dog collar medallion or a key ring!

Pick Pockets
$10.00   $5.00

Pick Pockets are a 4" square pouch made of woven cane with a colorful felt backing. Each are stuffed with fun stuff to be picked out thru the 1/4"  holes of the cane. These can hang on the side of the cage or be used as a foot toy!


Pickapart Natural Bird Toys
$10.98   $10.95

Pickapart Natural Bird Toys are multifunctional, natural twig balls stuffed with sea grass, abaca and coconut fibers. Your bird can roll them, carry them around the house, or work on extracting the enticing bits that hide within!

Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Collar
$19.15   $9.57

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This ultimate, eco-friendly Planet Dog Collar is naturally dyed pure hemp and features a cozy fleece lining! You'll find Planet Dog Collars will stand up to the more rigorous salt-water swims, mud puddle baths, snowy romps and the occasional roll in the sand!

Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Old Soul Bones innovatively address issues that every dog experiences as they grow older and wiser: reduced vision and snout strength, weakened jaw muscles and brittle teeth. Specifically designed for senior dogs whose chewing strength and urgency have waned over the years, but who still like a good, gummy chew!

Power Paws Dog Socks
$19.99   $9.99

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Power Paws Dog Socks offer a unique solution to many pet-related issues. They offer solutions for issues like traction and protection and even provide a little fashion, incorporating comfort and style in ways that have not been done before!

Purrfect Litter Lifter
$6.25   $3.12

If you think all cat litter scoops are the same, The Purrfect Litter Lifter is sure to change your mind! Requires virtually no sifting and shaking and gets the litter box cleaning chore done in a fraction of the usual time!


Quick-Lock Bird Crock
$8.95   $4.47

The durable Quick-Lock Bird Crock makes the chore of removing and installing your birds bowls quick and easy! Installs in seconds on all wire cages and you just have to twist the crock on and off the sturdy base making the job of feeding your bird a little simpler.

Reduce. Reuse. Rewoof. Tee
$32.00   $16.00

This 100% certified organic cotton Reduce. Reuse. Rewoof. short-sleeve tee is steeped in eco-goodness! Printed with earth-safe, phthalate free inks and made with partial wind and solar power so you can really reduce your carbon pawprint!

This Reflective Safety Cat Collar is the perfect solution to keep your cat safe when at home or during any time outdoors. The safety collar is highly reflective and stretchable and could really be a life saver for your treasured feline!


Rescue Dog Notecards
$14.99   $7.49

These Rescue Dog Notecards feature a set of six assorted everyday notecards with envelopes and blank interiors just waiting for your personalized message! Printed on premium weight paper stock with a photo of a rescue dog on the front and their profile on the back.

Rescue Dog Notepads
$7.49   $3.74

These Rescue Dog Notepads are perfect for shopping and to do lists! Includes special rescue dog photo with profile on the back. Choose between Dolly Lama and Oscar.

Retired Tee
$25.00   $12.50

The Retired" Tee is a beautifully designed t-shirt that makes a wonderful gift idea for that Greyhound lover, animal activist or retired family member or friend. This tee is really soft and comfortable and is sure to earn the wearer loads of complements!

Ruff Wear K 9 Float Coat
$49.95   $32.47

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Dog paddle mastery aside, your water-loving companion deserves the additional safety of the Ruff Wear K 9 Float CoatDogs have enough to think about, like balls and toys to retrieve, without having to worry about staying afloat!

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The Ruff Wear Quencher Cinch Top is a light-weight bowl that is easily folded to bring along on your daily walk and stuffs quickly for storage and packing on road trips or backcountry adventures. This specially designed travel bowl features a drawstring cinch top so you can store meals for your adventure!

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Sandy Perch Bird Pedicure Perch gently keeps your birds nails trimmed while being comfortable on his feet. Each Sandy Perch is unique and fashioned from an all real wood manzanita branch then coated with the perfected Sandy Perch non-toxic coating! A great alternative to difficult and stressful nail trimming!

The Scarlet Macaw Christmas Bird Ornament is hand-painted in wonderful detail and looks beautiful on a Christmas tree! Makes a great gift for some lucky bird lover.


Skamper Ramp
$55.95   $33.57

The Scamper Ramp attaches to the deck of a pool, walled pond, or even most docks and some boats and provides dogs and other critters with a way to get out of their water entrapment even when no people are around. An important safety device to prevent animal drowning accidents.

The touching CD-single, So Hard to Say Good-Bye, beautifully explores the range of feelings we experience at the passing of a treasured animal companion ~ from the tears of loneliness and loss to the smiles of sweet memory.


The touching CD-single, So Hard to Say Good-Bye, beautifully explores the range of feelings we experience at the passing of a treasured animal companion ~ from the tears of loneliness and loss to the smiles of sweet memory.


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Softouch Concepts SENSE-ation Harness is the original patented Front-Connection harness and is much more than a no-pull harness! The SENSE-ation Harness was designed to create enjoyable walks and greater companionship. You will find The SENSE-ation Harness to be a wonderful tool that will help you gently teach your dog proper on-leash behavior.

This special SpringStar Fruit Fly Lure out-performs other types of attractants such as red wine vinegar and was able to draw fruit flies away from fresh fruit, and capture a room-full of fruit flies in a few hours. Works day and night to safely and effectively solve your fruit fly problem!


The SpringStar Glass Fruit Fly Trap is a gorgeous solution for pesky fruit flies in homes! Includes a special, non-toxic, natural based lure that out-performs other types of fruit fly baits and looks great hanging by a window or sitting on a counter so people will not even notice that it is a fruit fly trap


Sticks Natural Bird Toys
$8.69   $4.34

Sticks Natural Bird Toys feature a bundle of chewable, natural willow sticks in a hardwood cap with nylon hardware. All birds love willow sticks and this is a simple way to offer them to parrots who don't normally like to hold things in their feet. Birds love these!


The Natural Straw Cone with Feathers is specifically designed to appeal to your cat's desire to stalk and pounce. Your cat will find the natural feathers and catnip irresistible. The unique straw weave has lots of nooks for easy snagging and the cone shape's unique tumble adds to the fun.


The Second-Hand Parrot
$10.49   $6.29

The Second-Hand Parrot is an important book for those generous spirits willing to take on a bird in need and will be educational reading for all other bird parents as well! Discusses how previously owned parrots can make wonderful companions and gives helpful advice on humane behavior modification, everyday care, acclimating your bird to his new home and accommodating and modifying unwanted behaviors.


Trixie Dog Earrings
$22.59   $11.29

These adorable earrings are too cute for the room! Featuring a smiling toy breed with hair in a bow. Made from copper with brass accents.


Uncommon Friends: Celebrating the Human-Animal Bond offers a collection of memories of the love and heart-wrenching loss of animal companions that celebrates the human-animal bond and reveals how animals can teach us and assist our spiritual growth.


Unleashing Your Inner Dog
$14.95   $8.97

Unleashing Your Inner Dog provides a humorous and heartfelt look at the lessons we can learn from our dogs about authenticity, unconditional love, living in the now, loyalty and joie de vivre.


Visiting The Dog Park
$11.95   $7.17

This handy new book gives you detailed information so you can decide if your dog is ready for a dog park outting, whether the design of the park makes for safe play, and teaches you simple things you can do to prepare for a great dog park experience.


Made in USA With the West Paw 'Lil Kiss' Valentines Day Dog Gift you can pucker up and give your hairy, slobbery dog a 'Lil Kiss'!


West Paw Design Easter Cat Toy - Kitty Bun's floppy ears, organic catnip, and a jingling bell equals spring fun for your curious cat!

West Paw Kitty Kiss
$5.95   $2.97

The West Paw Kitty Kiss is made with white sheepskin and red cuddle fabric, and stuffed with organic catnip kitty love potion and a tinkling bell. The Kitty Kiss will have your feline purring for more!


West Paw Reknitz Dog Sweaters are simple, stylish and good for the environment! Reknitz Dog Sweaters are Made in the USA from reclaimed cotton fibers so each sweater saves water and does not require fertilizers, insecticides, dyes, and even farmland! Made for smaller breed dogs.

The size 12 Teal Stripe is Temporarily Out-of-Stock

A photo of your loving companion will look marvelous in this handsome picture frame! 3" x 3"


Learn what your dog finds rewarding. You'll be amazed at what your "bad" dog will do when you know how he thinks and what turns him on!


The Woof Picture Frame Charm features genuine crystal in a variety of colors with a place for a picture of your beloved companion.


Yeowww Heart Attack Organic Catnip Cat Toy is bursting with attitude and completely stuffed with organically grown catnip of the Yeowww Brand. This heart is an attack waiting to happen, cat attack that is!


You Had Me at Woof Tee
$21.95   $10.97

You had me at woof" Tee is the perfect way to tell the world how you feel about your significant other...canine that is! How many times have you looked your best friend right in the eyes and told them, you had me at woof? Get one for yourself or a dog loving friend!