Dog Sale Items

All My Relations
$14.95   $8.97

In All My Relations, Susan Chernak McElroy offers ten poignant stories examining such concepts as ownership, naming and unnaming things, interpreting signs and language, and animals as mirrors of the soul. Meditations and practices accompany the stories.


Angel Dogs
$13.95   $8.37

The true stories in Angel Dogs celebrate the deep and ancient connection between people and dogs and will inspire you to live up to the divine example of our canine companions.



Anxiety Wrap for Dogs
$64.95   $32.47

The Anxiety Wrap for Dogs uses a technique called "Maintained Pressure" to help calm an animal's sensory receptors. Very easy to use, we've found the Anxiety Wrap works well in situations where your dog or cat is anxious or fearful as well as many other instances.

Camp Gone to the Dogs Tee
$27.00   $14.50

This Camp Gone to the Dogs Tee will become a Summertime favorite! Artist Marie Mason brings family camaraderie to life on this tee, making you wish you spent more time toasting smores around a campfire with your family - furry or human!

In Changing People Changing Dogs, Dee Ganley provides an easy-to-read compilation of strategies, techniques, exercises and scent games to address canine fear and aggression issues.


Cocoa Dog Earrings
$20.59   $10.29

These dog earrings are just too adorable! A great compliment to the Cocoa Pin. Cocoa is made with copper and has a brass heart.


These Dog Bandanas with Snap Closure features the only bandanas with a unique, adjustable, comfortable and safe snap closure. No more ties or Velcro. Snap ON, Snap OFF! Choose from three best selling designs!