Bird Sale Items

Pick Pockets
$10.00   $5.00

Pick Pockets are a 4" square pouch made of woven cane with a colorful felt backing. Each are stuffed with fun stuff to be picked out thru the 1/4"  holes of the cane. These can hang on the side of the cage or be used as a foot toy!


Pickapart Natural Bird Toys
$10.98   $10.95

Pickapart Natural Bird Toys are multifunctional, natural twig balls stuffed with sea grass, abaca and coconut fibers. Your bird can roll them, carry them around the house, or work on extracting the enticing bits that hide within!

Quick-Lock Bird Crock
$8.95   $4.47

The durable Quick-Lock Bird Crock makes the chore of removing and installing your birds bowls quick and easy! Installs in seconds on all wire cages and you just have to twist the crock on and off the sturdy base making the job of feeding your bird a little simpler.

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Sandy Perch Bird Pedicure Perch gently keeps your birds nails trimmed while being comfortable on his feet. Each Sandy Perch is unique and fashioned from an all real wood manzanita branch then coated with the perfected Sandy Perch non-toxic coating! A great alternative to difficult and stressful nail trimming!

The Scarlet Macaw Christmas Bird Ornament is hand-painted in wonderful detail and looks beautiful on a Christmas tree! Makes a great gift for some lucky bird lover.


This special SpringStar Fruit Fly Lure out-performs other types of attractants such as red wine vinegar and was able to draw fruit flies away from fresh fruit, and capture a room-full of fruit flies in a few hours. Works day and night to safely and effectively solve your fruit fly problem!


The SpringStar Glass Fruit Fly Trap is a gorgeous solution for pesky fruit flies in homes! Includes a special, non-toxic, natural based lure that out-performs other types of fruit fly baits and looks great hanging by a window or sitting on a counter so people will not even notice that it is a fruit fly trap


Sticks Natural Bird Toys
$8.69   $4.34

Sticks Natural Bird Toys feature a bundle of chewable, natural willow sticks in a hardwood cap with nylon hardware. All birds love willow sticks and this is a simple way to offer them to parrots who don't normally like to hold things in their feet. Birds love these!


The Second-Hand Parrot
$10.49   $6.29

The Second-Hand Parrot is an important book for those generous spirits willing to take on a bird in need and will be educational reading for all other bird parents as well! Discusses how previously owned parrots can make wonderful companions and gives helpful advice on humane behavior modification, everyday care, acclimating your bird to his new home and accommodating and modifying unwanted behaviors.


Uncommon Friends: Celebrating the Human-Animal Bond offers a collection of memories of the love and heart-wrenching loss of animal companions that celebrates the human-animal bond and reveals how animals can teach us and assist our spiritual growth.