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Kurgo Auto Zipline with Harness

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The Kurgo Auto Zipline with Harness is the safest and easiest way to travel with your dog!
Everyone wants to give their traveling companion a flexible way to move around but keep him restrained for his safety. The Kurgo Auto Zip Line with Harness is the easiest and most convenient safety harness and restraint system for your dog. An adjustable nylon webbing line simply attaches between the two rear passenger side handles, creating a tether run for the Kurgo Dog Harness. The secured line allows the dog the freedom of moving around in the backseat or cargo area while providing safety in case of sudden stops. The Kurgo Dog Harness and Leash integrate with the Zip Line allowing you to quickly transition from walking the dog to getting on the road. Being able to use the harness and leash for walking your dog is a great feature for those who share the concern of trying to get a leash on their dog at a busy rest area or roadway for a bathroom break!

Kurgo Auto Zipline with Harness Benefits:

  • Creates a safe way to travel with your dog.
  • Allows your dog freedom of movement.
  • Quick and easy to install and remove.
  • Also functions as a great walking harness and leash.
  • Convenient to get the dog in and out of the car.
  • Dog cannot jump out of car when door is opened!

"Functional pet seat belts have finally arrived. The most impressive new development: the Auto Zip Line. The safety harness attaches to a cable, so Rhoda can dart safely from window to window. If I want her stationary, I just latch it to the vehicle's seat belt. It also works in the back of pickup trucks - essential places for safety belts."
- Prevention Magazine

Kurgo Auto Zipline with Harness Details

Kurgo Auto Zipline with Harness Sizes
Small Auto Zipline with Harness - 10-25lbs
Medium Auto Zipline with Harness - 25-50lbs
Large Auto Zipline with Harness - 50-80lbs
Extra Large Auto Zipline with Harness - 80+lbs

Kurgo Auto Zipline with Harness Color
Black with Orange Details