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Hi, I got the order already today (Thursday), WOW! FAST! Couldn't get my nose out of the books. Started one of my dogs on the Senior extract I received and there is the detox-allergy one I want to try on the other one so you will be hearing from me. Both dogs are old but both have different problems, I also have two cats and I like the speediness of your orders and I love natural products for my pets as well as for myself. I'm not new to healing herbs but still have a lot to learn. Thanks.
Our order arrived today. You all are faster than a Chinese restaurant at getting our order out. THANK YOU.
I just received my order and along with it a notice about scrutiny of flea and tick control products by the EPA. I must say I am very impressed that your company would go through the trouble to pass that information along to your clients. Bravo!
Hi there. I own a dog boutique just north of Boston and I received your catalog at my home the other day. I would like to give you "kuddos"--great catalog. Usually I cringe when I see another dog catalog, but yours is great, excellent products and very informative!

Dear Maria. When we first went to your store in Litchfield we were hoping to find some possible solutions for our dog Buddy's colitis condition. Your suggestions for diet change and supplements have worked a minor miracle for him. Within a few days we started seeing the benefits from the nutrients that were purchased and Buddy continues to be free of the stomach issues that plagued him. Your experience and knowledge have been a real help to our dear canine Buddy and we are most grateful that we met you at the Pet Expo this past fall. Hooray for The Pet Health & Nutrition Center!

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