I am impressed with the customer service and speed of processing for my orders with your company. The Buck Mountain Glucosamine has done WONDERS for my senior American Cocker Spaniel - she literally acts 5 years younger. Thank you for selling their products.

I've been shopping it Pet Health and Nutrition Center for quite a while and I highly recommend this company. Their customer service is very personable, something which is a rarity these days. The product selection is top notch and I'll continue to shop here for rare items I can't seem to find anywhere else. Thumbs up!

First time doing business with your company. Very satisfied with the product as well as the service. Would definitely do business with you again.

Very easy to order with reasonable shipping. Will definitely be a repeat customer, thank you!

We have been using the Chinese Herbs For Dogs Digestive Relief for quite awhile. Our 3 little dogs have times when they need help with upset tummies, and this is the most wonderful product I've ever found.

One of dogs has a wheezing problem during our NM seasons of wind and cold. We found that Respiratory Relief: Chinese Herbs Remedy For Dogs works on Rusty so well, that I am going to get a couple extra packets for next fall.

Thank you so much for carrying these amazing products.

My yorkie/chihuahua developed arthritis of both of his hips at the early age of 4. I have tried other supplements that were only partially effective and every time it has gotten cold(since it is only 25 degrees here today on March 26th)he limps on both hind legs. Only two weeks after starting the glocosamine supplement(he only has to take 1/5 of the dose) he has stopped limping completely and now jumps up on the couch like he used to do. We both thank you!!!

My 2 dogs and 2 cats thrive on a food that I cannot obtain locally. I ordered from another site and was so disappointed by the long and unpredictable delivery times! I'm so glad I found you.

Pet Health and Nutrition is wonderful to work with, ships quickly, emails the status - even calls me if there is a problem (like, if I order too much to fit in one box.) Nowhere else is this good.

This is the first time I have ordered from your company. The order was shipped accurately and Timely. I though it was very simple to order. I look forward to doing business with your company for many years to come.

I initially discovered The Pet Health and Nutrition Center in a Bark Magazine ad. The logo made me feel that this company had to be special and it is for so many reasons. First and most important is the excellent customer service, as well as select, quality products. Here, you'll find quality, not quantity of product. Plus, you'll find friendly, knowledgeable people to help you buy the right product, not just any product. Questions are answered by people who know the products. Anna is the person who I usually speak with when I call with questions or to place an order and she is always patient and helpful. Customer service continues when Danielle packages and ships my order which is on its way same day if the order is placed before 12:00pm. It's the combination of people who really "get it" when it comes to providing customer service and the high quality products that are offered that is most helpful to me. It's why I trust the people at The Pet Health and Nutrition Center and why I am a satisfied customer.

I purchased Dried Beef Trachea, Flossies, Bully Straps and Deer Antlers. My two dogs love and enjoy them over rawhide bones, which they never really cared for, but took because that is all the stores really offered. Now if I try to give them the other stuff, they turn around and go away, they will not even eat rawhide, so I had to throw them out. But when I get chews from The Pet Health and Nutrition Center they sit there until I open the box and give them one treat each. I especially like them because they are not greasy like Pigs Ears which I will not give them. Keep up the good work!