I just received my order and along with it a notice about scrutiny of flea and tick control products by the EPA. I must say I am very impressed that your company would go through the trouble to pass that information along to your clients. Bravo!

Our order arrived today. You all are faster than a Chinese restaurant at getting our order out. THANK YOU. My parrots are thrilled.

Hi, I got the order already today (Thursday), WOW! FAST! Couldn't get my nose out of the books. Started one of my dogs on the Senior extract I received and there is the detox-allergy one I want to try on the other one so you will be hearing from me. Both dogs are old but both have different problems, I also have two cats and I like the speediness of your orders and I love natural products for my pets as well as for myself. I'm not new to healing herbs but still have a lot to learn. Thanks.

I was so excited when I received a catalog in the mail from you the other day. I never even knew you existed! What a thrill to find all my favorite high-quality products all in one catalog, along with short articles explaining the value of the various foods and supplements! I would really like to be able to get your catalog into the hands of the many people to whom I have been preaching natural health care, etc. for years. There are far too many of these folks to just give you their addresses, and I fear that if I just send your website to them that they may not follow through. Is there any chance you could send me a "supply" of your catalogs to hand out to friends, etc.? I could easily hand out at least 10, but feel free to send me more if you want -they won't go to waste!

Hi there. I own a dog boutique just north of Boston and I received your catalog at my home the other day. I would like to give you "kuddos"--great catalog. Usually I cringe when I see another dog catalog, but yours is great, excellent products and very informative!


Just a THANK YOU for a great company. I ordered 3 ZiwiPeak cans just to be sure my dog would like it. Quick shipping and she loves it! I just placed my order for 12 more cans. She's a picky eater & well worth whatever it takes. I'm thankful to know I can provide the best for her. I look forward to receiving my catalog and will visit your website often. Thank you again!

Hello again Maria and Danielle!). I want to tell you a big thanks - I have Evo for ferret in Latvia, yesterday was delivered! My ferret like it. I will necessarily recommend your site at ferret club forums. I'm sure that many people will become interested in ordering this food from your site.

My boys are ecstatic with their ups 2-day of Prowl and Evo that arrived today! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your responsiveness in shipping, especially with us being so far up in the Northern boonies.

Thanks again,

Hi Maria. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you are there, and carrying the best of the best for all of my animals. I have two parrots, a red-bellied and a goffins cockatoo. For years I have offered them Harrison's organic pellets. They would both eat one or two, but mostly they were treated like toys. Recently I tried the Totally Organics pellets. I was amazed to see that they ate the pellets first and then went to their fruits, veggies, and nuts. Now I give them the pellets everyday. There is always some fruits and veggies remaining when I clean their dishes, but never a pellet to be found. I have been feeding all my animals a very high quality diet for years. However, they have never looked, or acted healthier than they do now.Thanks for all your suggestions. Many Blessings.

This is a very nice letter from Monty's Home. Grief Support Line: 910-259-4663. Website: MontysHome.org. When something exceptional comes into your life it feels like a marvelously refreshing ocean breeze. You feel cared for, know you've been heard and feel trust in the connection you've just made. The Pet Health and Nutrition Center makes this connection. Add product knowledge mixed with a quick wit and you have Anna. Anna, who listens and offers helpful suggestions and education about products. With this, Anna creates a personal connection - a connection which engenders trust in what she says. All of this tells you Anna cares and knows what customer service and satisfaction truly means.