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I have an amazing story to tell about Pet Health… a year ago my little girl Daisy (then 9 year old havanese) was diagnosed with bone marrow targeted IMHA. She had 10% remaining red blood cells and immediately had a blood transfusion. We were told that she might not even make it out of the hospital. I was desperate and went searching for alternative and found Pet Health. I left a message and Maria R called me right back and we talked for ~45 minutes! I received IMHA kit within few days while Daisy’s PCV started to go down after her first blood transfusion (which was expected per her doctor, she will be getting transfusions every 4-6 weeks for the next few months until she starts responding to the conventional medication). I administered ChlorOxygen and BioPrep3 diligently and when she had her first checkup after 12 days in the hospital, her PCV was 29! She continued with ChlorOxygen, BioPrep3 and MultiVitamins for the next 10 months and her latest PCV is 48 and she is now free from IMHA!!!

We are truly indebted to Maria’s help all throughout Daisy’s IMHA journey (I had several phone conversations with Maria to ensure Daisy is on the right track to recovery). I truly believe that Daisy’s amazing recovery from IMHA was achieved as a result of this holistic and natural treatment protocol that Maria and her team provides. Daisy is in full IMHA remission now and though we’re now dealing with some IBD/GI issues, we are confident that working with Maria, we will overcome this new issues without any doubt.

Thank you Maria for your dedication in helping us go through tough times. You are truly amazing and we owe you big time for getting Daisy back and healthy!
I can not rave enough about the Pet Health & Nutrition Center (PH&NC) both their products and caring educated timely advise. March 2017 I had adopted a dog who had been in a pet rescue center for 7 years! poor thing :( Rayne was 10 yrs old at that time. I'm grateful for that rescue center and of course they can only do what they have available to them and so Rayne came with several conditions. When I first met her she barely had any fur on her head, her skin was hot red and i could barely pet her (without my own hand getting itchy (fungus), her eyes where skewing mucus constantly, and her ears had extreme wax build up (i had to clean them at least 2x/week with gobs of cotton balls. With my background as a wellness practitioner for people I knew Rayne was lacking some significant nutrients and had been over vaccinated, medicated. (again I realize the rescue center did what the knew and had available). In addition to getting Rayne on a raw food diet and working with a holisitic vet... I was still lacking supplemental nutrients specifically for animals that were of high quality without any added excipients. Through my search that is were we GRATEFULLY found PH&NC. Within 8 mos. or less using PH&NC immune colostrum, probiotic digestive, female incontinence and adrenal glandular, and bio-prep. Rayne is literally a different healthy dog! Her fur completely covers her face, her fungus outbreak is gone, her stools are healthy, her ears barely have any wax build up (even after a whole month goes by without cleaning), her eyes are clear with no discharge and her incontinence is much better. I'm so grateful what God has created and supplied in nature and how others like PH&NC use it to truly help animals (and their owners) through the power of nature. Thank you very much I have and will continue to refer PH&NC to any animal owner :) - Tracy
My 10yr old corgi Roo was diagnosed with IMHA. Her blood count was low at 18%. She was given a blood transfusion to stabilize bring her up to 20%. A week later she dropped back down to 16%. The vet wanted to do another blood transfusion, but I had already started Roo on the IMHA core package and I put all my faith into hoping it would work so I refused the blood transfusion. Her diet was changed to raw, she was given bioprep and a multivitamin while also taking immune suppressors prescribed by the vet. A couple months later her blood count was back to normal (the vets were very confused and shocked) and I was able to slowly wean her off the immune suppressors.

I'm happy to say that was almost a year ago and Roo has been doing perfectly fine since then! :)
The myelopathy protocol gave our shepherd mix Stubby another chance to live. He had completely lost the ability to walk in his hind quarters and was in a doggy cart. The vet had given up on him and suggested we put him down. But I just saw too much life in his eyes to go through that. So after researching we found Maria. About 3 weeks after using the protocol his reflexes began to return and shortly thereafter he was walking again. That was about 15 months ago. Unfortunately we did lose him to kidney failure but without the supplements we would have not had this last year with him. Thank you for all you do.
My Wirehair "Boone" was going downhill fast with IMHA and the standard treatments were not working. I found this site by chance and started him asap on the Core package. His blood counts had dropped to 16 after a blood transfusion and weeks on steroids. Maria was super helpful and gave me the advice I needed. After many prayers and the Core package, Boone is now at 35 with his blood counts and platelets went from 50k to 150k after 3 weeks on her program and back to his ol' self! We cannot be more thankful and happy with the outcome. My vet was interested in the product with how well Boone responded after all else failed. I believe he will recommend others to this site having the same issues with their pets, I know I will.
On August 13, 2016, I used a wagon to get my 12 year old Australian Shepherd, Sneakers, into the veterinarian’s office. Sneakers was very weak and was “gacking”, as the vet called it. We later found out that it was likely the beginning stages of Laryngeal Paralysis and an extreme case of anemia. She prescribed Prednisone as a last ditch effort to save his life. It did – however, by the end of September, he was failing again – even while taking Prednisone.
I was desperate and frantically searched the internet for answers to Sneaker’s problem – hoping to find a nutritional cure, as it was my belief that this was his only hope for long-term health. On October 6th, I was blessed to find the Pet Health and Nutrition Center and most importantly to get to talk to Maria Reich! She listened to my fairly lengthy explanation of Sneaker’s health history and made suggestions of changes I could make and supplements I could try. She did not condemn me for the way I had cared for Sneakers his first 12 years because she knew I had done my best with the knowledge that I possessed – or should I say didn’t possess.
Maria directed me to a website that offered DIY recipes for dog food, particularly for aging and ailing dogs. She was patient with me and by the end of the conversation I was no longer afraid to take the leap and begin making food for my dog, instead of feeding him the best kibble I could buy. She got my supplement order out that same day, as she recognized the grave danger my dog was in. Two days later, the supplements arrived from the far side of the continent!
On October 9th, I began giving Sneakers the supplements and feeding him “real food”. Within three days he was acting like a five or six year younger dog! It was amazing! For years he had struggled to get up. I had written it off as him having issues with his hind quarters and the slippery tile in my house. He was getting up easily again!
It is evident that Sneakers has some underlying issues that he is contending with but the information that I have gleaned from Maria and products that I have obtained from the Pet Health and Nutrition Center have literally saved my dog’s life! I am SO glad to have my “best friend” with me many months longer than I thought was possible – and I hope to have him around to love for a few more years to come!
About a month ago I was advised by my vet that it was time for me to start thinking about "letting go" of my 14 year old blue healer mix Beau. Beau was diagnosed with hind leg ataxia and was having difficulty walking and he was getting very narrow in his hind quarters. I contacted Maria and she suggested I start him on the Elk Velvet Antler, Whey protein, Nerve Toxin and Myelin Sheath. After just 15 days I have noticed a marked difference. He is brighter, happier and this morning actually stood on his hind legs for the first time in months. Also, yesterday he ran a little when he spotted a rabbit in the yard. He realized fairly quickly that he may not be quite ready to run but I was happy to see that he felt like trying. I have also taken him off of his old kibble and replaced it with more whole foods and he loves it. I can't tell you how encouraged I am to see this much improvement in only 2 weeks. I have had beau since he was 3 months old and was the next cage in line to be euthanized at a kill shelter. He was given to me right after my mother passed away and he got me through a very difficult time in my life. I intend to give him every chance I can to have a full and complete life. Thank you Maria.
Hi, Maria!! Just letting you know that Isabella's nose has completely healed thanks to you!!!! Within 48 hours of giving her the daily multi and the fish oil .... her nose looks "brand new!!" We are so thankful to you again for helping our Isabella!! Someone yesterday just mentioned that she looks like a pup!! Best, Cindy
I have taken my beloved dog Zelda to the vet multiple times
recently where they diagnosed her as having some kind of intestinal infection. They would give her a full panel of blood work and an X-ray because she was perfectly healthy except having very low red blood cells. This last time her red blood cells were so low they wanted to give her a blood transfusion. I was devastated hearing this as I didn't really have the money for costly procedures that the vet said we're not a guarantee and might have to be done repeatedly. We came home pretty defeated not thinking anything could be done. The vets didn't even know we thought! When I got home I decided to search the symptoms and conditions she was dealing with and came across your website and the IMHA page. I couldn't believe what I was reading. It summed up perfectly what we were experiencing. I decided to trust my judgement, the testimonials and the value of good nutrition and ordered the IMHA pack and Chloroxygen right away as well as move her
to a raw diet. That was last week and I am astonished by how quickly Zelda's life has been restored. No more super labored breathing and exhaustion. Her gum color has been restored and her personality is back. I haven't returned to the vet for another blood panel yet, but I suspect it won't be 19% for her red blood cell count. We are now giving all our dogs a raw diet and chloroxygen and the multivitamin/probiotic. We can't thank you enough for helping us save our Zelda!
Our boy, Murray walked into our lives as a stray about 8 years ago. We had no intentions of becoming a 2 dog family, but something in my husband told him to give it a try. Since then, we've never had a day of regret. In fact, we can't imagine our lives without him.
As the years went by, Murray developed several serious disorders: Hypothyroidism, Diabetes, Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia and the worst, IMHA, a potential death sentence that was diagnosed a few months ago. He stopped eating and drinking, so giving him medicine was rough on his stomach. He had a fever and only wanted to stay outside, laying in the snow. He had no energy and walking was an effort. His red blood count continued to drop and one Sunday morning, he was disoriented and his tongue and gums were white. We rushed him to a hospital for an immediate transfusion. He was there almost a week, not improving enough to give us hope. His blood count went up a little, but dropped again, this time down to 11. A second transfusion was needed and this time, immunoglobulin was added. If this didn't work, there was no hope for Murray. The IMHA was killing him and the second transfusion just bought him a little more time. We weren't ready to say goodbye, so having nothing to lose, I desperately started researching IMHA on line. Nothing short of "Divine Intervention" led me to this wonderful website and it's promising testimonials of other people who's dogs had this fatal disease. It seemed too good to be true, but I called and spoke to Maria. I was crying and could barely talk, but Maria's compassion calmed me down and quickly and confidently talked about the protocol for him. It gave me such hope that I wanted to get the products in him ASAP. We ordered everything she recommended and had it shipped overnight. We really loaded him up on Chlor-Oxygen and Bio-Prep F3 numerous times a day, and because he still had no appetite, we had to administer it directly into his mouth every time. After a few days, he started to eat small meals, which seemed like a miracle to us. He had lost 10 lbs in a couple of months and we were thrilled to see him start to eat and drink again. He loves sweets, so, because he's diabetic, I bought him Glucerna and mixed it with a little sugar free ice cream and he lapped it up! Murray was on his way back to us!!
Slowly and steadily, with Maria's help and guidance, his number began to climb. On March 22nd, his number was 11 and we thought we would lose him. He continued to improve from the day he started these products and on May 11, his red blood count reached 50!!! He has continued to improve and his blood count is steadily in the mid 40's, which is fantastic for a dog with all his issues. His appetite and energy are back and he is now at a healthy weight. We have been able to reduce some of his supplements, as per Maria, and our vet, (who is wonderful) is becoming a believer in natural products. Murray is only on a couple of prescription drugs now (he was on a ton!) which we have been slowly reducing because he is doing so well on these products. If it weren't for Maria, her husband Phil and their expertise in this field, so many people would be mourning the loss of their pets. For anyone reading this who has any doubt as to the healing power of these products, please, give them a try. Murray is a celebrity around town and had lots of people praying for him. He became known as the "Miracle Dog" and is living proof that natural products CAN and DO heal from the inside out.
He's happier and healthier than he's ever been and there's no doubt that these products are responsible.
We owe a debt of gratitude to Maria and Phil for saving our Murray's life and can't thank you enough.
Linda and Frank
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