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EzyDog Harness: Solid Colors

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The EzyDog Harness is a specially designed harness featuring an EVA Chest Plate. EVA is a foam rubber that will form to your dog's chest for an Ergonomic Fit. By doing this the EzyDog Harness takes stress off your dogs trachea and throat and spreads it across the length of your dogs chest providing a great deal of comfort and control, not to mention Style! The EzyDog Harness is adjustable and easy to fit and features:

  • A rust-proof welded D-ring for attaching to leashes.
  • Reflective stitching for enhanced visibility at night.
  • A swiveling seat belt restraint to use with your car's seatbelt for safe travel by automobile!

The EzyDog Harness is a quality, top-of-the-line dog harness! For ultimate control, comfort and style choose one of the wonderful leashes in Related Items below. Also available in camouflage colors see Related Items below.

Customer Testimonial
I have a chesty-yet-sensitive APBT named Lita, who bikes with me on a Springer, as well as riding shotgun in the car. I needed a harness to do both. The chest piece makes it fabulous for biking, preventing the dreaded pink rash, and the straps stay in place. It's great and EASY to use in the car too. She's prone to friction-rash in her dogpits, but since the chestpiece keeps the straps where they belong...the big dog stays comfy and rash-free! I love Ezy-Dog!
- Juli (Federal Way, WA)

EzyDog Harness Details

EzyDog Harness Sizes
Small 15 - 24 Girth
Medium 17 - 28 Girth
Large 20 - 33.5 Girth
X Large 23 - 40 Girth

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EzyDog Harness Colors
Black, blue, red, chocolate, pink and purple. Also available in camouflage colors.