Elk Velvet Antler Joint Supplement




Elk Velvet Antler is an all-natural, whole food joint supplement for dogs and cats. Our elk velvet antler is sourced in the USA and contains a wide range of nutrients shown to help provide relief from arthritis pain and assist in promoting joint and tissue repair. When your dog or cat ingests nutrients in their natural, whole food form they are much better assimilated than when these same nutrients are in a synthetic form in capsules or tablets.

As mentioned above, our Elk Velvet Antler is sourced from family elk farms in the US. It can't be compared to cheaper imported products from China for reasons ranging from quality to the inhumane care of the elk or with other elk velvet antler products combined with fillers to keep the cost lower. In addition, imported Elk Velvet Antler will be irradiated as a protective import measure, so make sure you purchase your elk velvet antler that was produced right here in the USA! If the company selling another product doesn't mention it is a USA sourced product, then it is almost surely imported from China.

Many of the nutrients found in elk velvet antler are important for arthritis sufferers. Glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, collagen, essential fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, zinc, selenium, growth hormones, and growth factors are all vital for growth and maintenance of joints, tissues and synovial fluids.

What is Elk Velvet Antler?

Male elk grow antlers which are naturally shed each year in early spring. The next set of antler begins to grow immediately and is covered with soft, furry velvet. For use as a supplement the antler is humanely harvested while it is still growing and in the velvet stage, hence the name Elk Velvet Antler. It is NOT the outside velvet covering that is used in the product, but the inner cartilaginous matrix. "Velvet" is the name given to antlers while they are growing and still in a cartilaginous state. During this stage the antler is rich with a cornucopia of beneficial, natural nutrients for your animals.

What are Some of the Nutrients Found in Elk Velvet Antler?

Active ingredients found in velvet antler that can benefit your dog or cat include a variety of minerals, trace elements, protein, fatty acids, glycosaminoglycans, growth hormones, and growth factors.

Minerals/Trace Elements

  • Calcium (Ca): provides structure for bones and teeth, and is essential for nerve impulse conduction, muscle contraction and blood clotting.

  • Copper (Cu): necessary for red blood cell development, bones, and nerves.

  • Iron (Fe): essential for blood cells transporting oxygen throughout the body.

  • Manganese (Mn): needed for development of bones and connective tissue, and for normal functioning of the nervous system.

  • Magnesium (Mg): needed in metabolic reactions and storing and releasing energy in cells.

  • Phosphorus(P): provides structure for bones and teeth, and is a component of nearly all metabolic reactions.

  • Potassium (K): needed for nerve and muscle function.

  • Selenium (Se):. powerful antioxidant.

  • Sulfur (S): is a component of various amino acids and insulin.

  • Zinc (Zn): part of the enzymes involved in digestion and respiration, and is necessary for normal wound healing and skin health.

Proteins/ Collagen/Lipids
Proteins (including all essential amino acids): are the structural materials in cells, and aid in growth and repair of tissues.
Collagen: a major structural component of bones, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.
Lipids (all essential fatty acids including omega 3 and 6): build cell parts and boost energy for cellular activities

Growth Hormones and Growth Factors:
Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-l) and Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) Growth hormones and factors have an effect on growth and maintenance of bones and promoting protein and fat metabolism, stimulating cartilage growth, and thickening' and lengthening bones in children. They also have growth promoting actions on the skin.

Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs):
Hyaluronic acid: is the cement material of connective tissue and a component of synovial fluid that cushions the joint.
Chondroitin sulfate: extremely potent anti-inflammatory agent.
Glucosamine sulfate: an amino sugar that occurs naturally in the body. Its glue-like qualities help to hold tissues together. It is also a major component of synovial fluid, which lubricates and serves as a shock absorber for the joints.
Erythropoeitin: a hormone produced in the kidneys and released into the bloodstream in response to low oxygen levels, thus helping to increase oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.
Prostaglandins: chemical messenger produced in ~ all tissues, causing a broad range of positive effects on many of the body's defense systems.
Phospholipids: effective structural materials in cell membranes. They help to facilitate the passage of fat in and out of cells and blood.

What Benefits Can I Expect for my Pet?

Easing the Symptoms of Arthritis and Other Inflammatory Disorders

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disorder resulting in chronic inflammation of the joints, tissue around the joints, and other organs in the body. The cause of this painful disease is unknown, though there are several theories. These include:

  • The immune system not working properly.

  • Genetic makeup passed down from parents.

  • An unexplained immune system response to a virus, bacteria, or mycoplasma (microscopic organisms without rigid cell walls).

  • The body’s response to environmental factors.

As the disease progresses, the cartilage, joints, ligaments and tendons begin to breakdown, causing further loss of joint function. Further advancement can affect one’s daily activities such as work, social functioning, and eventually even person independence.

While rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory type of disease, osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease. Actual breakdown of the cartilage that covers the ends of bones occurs. Osteoarthritis also causes bones to become brittle which, of course, increases the risk of the bones cracking or breaking.

Some common causes of osteoarthritis are:

  • Bone injury

  • A defect in the protein that makes up cartilage

  • Wear and tear of aging

Many of the nutrients found in velvet antler are important for arthritis sufferers. Glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, essential fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, zinc, selenium, growth hormones, and growth factors are all vital for growth and maintenance of joints, tissues and synovial fluids.

Modern research studies continue as both animals and people suffering with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis claim relief from painful and swollen joints.

Inhibiting the Aging Processs

A number of changes continually occur in the body as part of the aging process. The skin, ligaments, and tendons begin to loose elasticity. Even larger arteries lose elasticity, causing increased blood pressure, decreased heart rate, and decreased blood flow through the heart. The body may also become less able to adapt to environmental changes such as cold weather. The immune system weakens with age, leaving the body less able to heal and repair itself. Some animals and people experience memory loss and decreased ability to solve problems. As one grows older, a decrease in the body’s ability to digest food properly often leads to nutritional deficiencies and diseases related to these deficiencies. Available research suggests that components, such as growth hormones and growth factors (and possibly some yet to be discovered components) available in velvet antler, may be key in slowing the aging process.

One of the growth hormones in velvet antler is IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor). A study conducted at Oxford University in England lead researchers to believe that the IGF-1 contained in velvet antler has medicinal value for both animals and people. IGF-1 was shown to promote muscular development, prevent muscular atrophy (breakdown), and slow the deteriorating effects of aging.11 Further research on the anti-aging effects of velvet antler needs to be done.

Help for the Immune System

The body has its won internal healing and protection mechanism called the immune system. It fights off invaders caused by disease, stress, poor nutrition, meager living habits, and drugs. Some common signs of a weakened immune system are fatigue, listlessness, continuous infections, and slow healing.

Having and maintaining a strong immune system is essential to good health. Eating sensibly, getting proper rest, and exercising are all very important factors in staying healthy. Think of the immune system as your own little internal army. Tiny soldiers are fighting off any invaders that dare to enter their territory. The stronger the soldiers are in that army, the better the chances are of stopping invaders before they can cause any damage. This is why constantly nurturing and supporting the immune system is so important in staying healthy.

Researchers in New Zealand investigated velvet antler’s effect on animal and human white blood cells because of its long history of being taken for immune system support. Studies demonstrated that aqueous extracts of velvet antler were highly potent in causing an increase in white blood cell count. This, of course, is a good thing as white blood cells are one of the immune system’s first lines of defense when invaders come attacking.

Increasing Energy and Stamina

Athletes, whether canine or human, who are in competitive programs, often seek effective nutritional supplementation. One such supplement may be velvet antler because of its excellent amino acid composition, mineral content and growth factors. Fourteen different essential and nonessential amino acids are available in velvet antler.

Velvet antler has been shown to have performance enhancing effects in both humans and animals based on the results of numerous studies. For example, research was done in Russia in which anabolic agents known to improve performance and muscular strength in athletes were analyzed. When studies using velvet antler were done, it showed that kayakers, weightlifters, bodybuilders and power lifters all increased both muscular and nerve strength.

How Does Elk Velvet Antler Compare to Other Joint Products?

It makes a far superior alternative to the majority of other joint products on the market. First and foremost the glucosamine found in joint supplements is typically manufactured in China under substandard manufacturing processes. In addition, nutrients such as chondroitin, msm, hyaluronic acid, collagen etc., have very low absorption rates in the body when taken in manufactured capsules and tablets. When these nutrients are obtained in a whole food fashion, as they are with elk velvet antler, they work synergistically together and their bioavailability is much greater

In our years of experience with elk velvet antler, we have found it to be equally effective when compared to NSAIDs in reducing discomfort, and overall much more effective in helping to heal and repair the joint due to its growth factors and myriad of natural ingredients.  All of this without the potential for gastrointestinal ulcerations and liver damage that are very common side effects of NSAIDs and ones we have seen consistently with our clients that have used them.


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100% USA sourced elk velvet antler containing all-natural nutritional ingredients that work synergistically together. These components include Glucosamine sulfate, Chondroitin sulfate, Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Growth factors - including IGF and EGF, all essential amino acids, omega fatty acids, numerous minerals and more!

Inactive Ingredients: None. Contains NO additives, fillers or preservatives.

Simply mix with food. For dry food you may mix with some water, yogurt, pumpkin or favorite food if you like. Provide 1/8 tsp (level not heaping = 250 mg) per 30 lbs with meals. Recommended to start with one extra daily serving for the first two weeks and then lower to maintenance dosage when results are seen.

It is theorized that those with a hormone dependent cancer such as prostate or breast cancer should not take an elk velvet antler product. Elk Velvet Antler contains low levels of hormones that may increase testosterone and estrogen, thereby affecting patients' levels of these hormones. Discuss with your primary care veterinarian or physician if you have these concerns.

Why do you so highly recommend Elk Velvet Antler for dogs and cats with osteoarthritis?

Elk Velvet Antler contains all the nutritional components needed to help reduce an animal's discomfort as well as help rebuild the joint tissue itself. It does this with all-natural, whole food components that are more easily utilized by the body and have less potential for undesirable side-effects when compared with synthetic substances. The components of Elk Velvet Antler also work synergistically together as only nature can acccomplish. In addition, it is one of the products we have experienced the greatest amount of success with personally for ourselves and our animals. Our customers have had the same positive experience as us making Elk Velvet Antler one of our best selling products with a very high rate of return purchases.

Where is your Elk Velvet Antler sourced?

Ours is obtained from a family farm right here in the USA. This is in stark contrast when compared to much of the Elk Velvet Antler on the market now being imported from China or other countries.

Does Elk Velvet Antler have a history of safe usage?

Yes, it does. It has been used safely for over 2000 years to maintain health and to strengthen those with weak constitutions. It has no reported side-effects at recommended dosages and we have used it for almost a decade now with nothing but positive results in addition to hundreds of customers with no reported adverse events.

In addition, a microbiological analysis is done for each batch of processed ground antlers at a pharmaceutical testing laboratory to ensure product safety. The test includes the following: an aerobic plate count, salmonella, coliform, E. Coli, Staphylococci, yeast and molds. Each batch of antlers must meet the microbiological specifications established for FDA approved Laboratories.

What exactly is Elk Velvet Antler?

Elk velvet antler is the component of the antlers of an Elk harvested at the "velvet stage". Velvet is the name given to antlers while they are growing and still in a cartilaginous state harvested before the growth cycle is complete;generally at about 75 days when the antler from a mature elk weighs between 25 and 40 pounds. At this stage, the antler contains a wealth of nutrients, growth factors, minerals, and amino acids. It is very important that the Elk Velvet Antler is harvested at the proper time when the most valuable nutritional elements are at their peak. The elk velvet antler is then freeze-dried to naturally preserve the valuable components and microbiologically tested.

What is the primary component responsible for Elk Velvet Antler's remarkable anti-inflammatory attribute?

Much of the credit goes to Chondroitin Sulfate, which is a potent anti-inflammatory agent with long-lasting effects.

Does Elk Velvet Antler have any other benefits?

Yes, Elk Velvet Antler can not only provide relief from the effects of osteoarthritis but it has been described as a natural adaptogen, providing precursors, or the raw materials, your body needs to produce the compounds it needs for good health. Elk Velvet Antler may also:

  • Improve athletic performance

  • Increase physical strength and energy

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Increase blood circulation

  • Increase red blood cell production

  • Increase capacity of blood to carry oxygen

  • Speed recovery from injury and stress

  • Help with faster recuperation after surgery

  • Augment levels of certain anabolic hormones

Because of the benefits listed above we will also recommend Elk Velvet Antler for elderly animals or those with symptoms of a weak immune system as well as other conditions.

Would it be better to give my animal a product that promotes its high levels of glucosamine or chondroitin?

Not in our opinion! The components of Elk Velvet Antler work synergistically together and because they are from a natural, whole-food source, they are much more bioavailable to your animal's body, and that is more important than nutrient content. In other words, the key isn't how much you take, it's how much your body can use of what you take.

Research studies suggest that bioavailability is generally higher when nutrients are ingested in the context of a complete and natural substance like Elk Velvet Antler. Did you ever notice your urine turning yellow after you take one of those multivitamins loaded with synthetic vitamins and minerals? Well, they put a whole lot more in there in the hope your body will be able to assimilate some of it. The truth of the matter is that you are creating very expensive urine! Unfortunately, it also puts stress on your immune system and digestive system, especially the liver and kidneys.

How is this Elk Velvet Antler Harvested?

Harvesting Elk Velvet Antler is most likely the most environmentally-friendly and renewable method for obtaining the popular joint support ingredients glucosamine and chondroitin. The Elk are not harmed when their antlers are removed. The Elk are gently herded into "squeeze chutes" following a method developed by Temple Grandin for the humane-handling of livestock to reduce their stress. The region around the antler is anesthetized with Lydocane; the same substance your dentist uses. The antler is cut from the animal, leaving the antler base unharmed.

Animals whose antlers have been removed show no ill effects. Within a few hours, they resume normal activity with the rest of the elk herd. There are no psychological impacts after antlers are removed: elk whose antlers have been harvested interact with other elk and humans as they did prior to the removal.


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Joint Support

Just got back from the vet and my 13 year old Border Collie has not one sign of arthritis. The vet was very impressed and said she wished all the dogs she sees looked this good. I credit his good checkup with the fact that I have been mixing elk velvet antler in with his meals for the past five years or so. If you want to prevent arthritis in your pet this is the way to go.

My 14 year old dog was having trouble navigating our stairs and was really feeling her age. Within a week of adding elk velvet antler she was noticeably improved and now can even do the stairs again! This is a miracle product. Thanks!

A friend of mine told me about this product after my one year old Yorkie was diagnosed with a joint disease that is said to cause arthritis within the first 2-4 years of life. She had used this product for years on her dog in place of the vet recommended medication and had never had problems. Her dog is 7 years old now.

My 16-year-old cat is in the early stages of renal failure and was starting to get arthritic, but he's also allergic to seafood, so both NSAIDs and traditional glucosamine weren't options for him. The people at the Pet Health and Nutrition Center recommended the elk antler, and the changes to my cat were immediately amazing. He's perkier, he's put on weight, his muscle wasting is vastly improved, his coat is healthier, and he started jumping up on high furniture that he hasn't been on in months or even years. It was like he lost three or four years' worth of old age in two weeks! His quality of life has been vastly improved. The changes were so dramatic that my mother started stealing his pills!

I now recommend this stuff to everyone I know with an older cat. I got the results of his latest blood test back yesterday, and his kidney values have actually improved since he's been on the antler, which I didn't even think was possible. Having seen my cat before and after, even the staff at my vet want to start using it for their pets.

A person I spoke to on the phone highly recommended this joint supplement. I had never heard of elk velvet antler before. I gave it a try on my 7 year old lab and the difference in her behavior is remarkable. I thought she was looking a little stiff, so I wanted to try something, but she is playing like she hasn't in years. I am very happy with this product!

After doing a search I found this store and they offered elk velvet antler for my dog at the best price. I had previously used another supplement, but this one is sourced in the USA and is cheaper too so I am glad I found you guys!

I had slacked off a little and not reordered the elk velvet antler for my dog. My husband noticed Sam looked a little stiff and was wondering why. At that point I realized she hadn't gotten her supplement in a while so I am back to order more. This really does make a noticeable difference in my dog's comfort.

Our dog used to be stiff getting up off the sofa at night and I could tell he was uncomfortable. After using this product for a couple of weeks he gets right up now when it is time for bed. I really can't believe the difference and how quick. I am very happy with the results so far.

This product is "AMAZING" my friend works for a Vet and she knows my 9 year old Lhasa Apso, has been having back issues because of jumping up and down on beds, sofas, and just because he can. We were treating him with lots of pain meds and pred, which is no quality of life. We were at a point to either do surgery or worse, but she told us to try it. It WORKS MIRACLES, he is like a puppy all over again and we sprinkle it on his food everyday, now he will not eat without it. AMAZING, please try it.