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Buck Mountain Botanicals Organic Licorice


Buck Mountain Botanicals Organic Licorice is an herb with many diverse benefits which include:

  • Demulcent and expectorant attributes which act to soothe mucous membranes of the respiratory tract while helping to remove mucus.

  • Often being regarded as natures hydrocortisone, licorice has many of the same attributes as cortisone without many of the adverse side effects. Licorice is effective as an aid for rheumatoid arthritis, Addison's disease and other inflammatory conditions.

  • Recent research which has demonstrated detoxification properties for the liver similar to silymarin (from milk thistle) due to its content of glycyrrhizin.

  • Being used as an adjunct Licorice may allow you to use decreased doses of more potent corticosteroids. We recommend guidance from a holistic veterinary practitioner or master herbalist when using licorice to treat medical conditions.

Buck Mountain Botanicals Licorice Additional Benefits

  • Often regarded as nature's cortisone - with less side-effects.

  • An effective, soothing expectorant for respiratory complaints.

  • An effective anti-inflammatory.

  • Antiallergenic and anti-inflammatory benefits make it effective for skin complaints.

  • Formulated with organic herbs.

  • Extracted into a tincture making it more easily assimilated by the body.

Buck Mountain Botanicals Organic Licorice Details

Available in a 1oz tincture.

Buck Mountain Botanicals Ingredients
Organic licorice, distilled water and ethyl alcohol

Organic Licorice Suggested Use
Recommended is one ml per 50lbs twice daily for carnivores.
The use of Licorice may allow pet owners to use decreased doses of more potent corticosteroids under the guidance of a Holistic veterinarian.

Buck Mountain Botanicals Organic Licorice Contraindications
Long-term use of licorice can produce symptoms similar to corticosteroid usage such as depletion of potassium, retention of sodium and hypertension. Contraindicated during pregnancy and nursing. Contraindicated over 10mg daily and with cardiac glycosides, corticoids, diuretics and hypotensive agents and for hypertension, liver and kidney disease.

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