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We offer the finest 100% human-grade Bovine Colostrum Powder available for your dogs and cats. Certified True Colostrum by Cornell University, it is 6-hour, first-milking colostrum superior to many other products that are often transitional milk, which is the milk that follows colostrum. Our Colostrum powder is tested ORGANIC free of herbicides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and steroids. It is the finest available for your pets being low-heat, spray dried to preserve all the natural benefits and no excipients or chemicals are ever added.

Bovine Colostrum is Mother Nature's perfect combination of immune factors, growth factors (anti-aging factors), vitamins, minerals, amino acids and more! Research has shown that colostrum has powerful natural components which help bring the body to a state of homeostasis (a powerful, natural state of health and well-being). In addition, the growth factors in colostrum create many of the positive attributes of a healthy organism such as: an enhanced ability to metabolize or "burn" fat, greater ease in building lean muscle mass, and enhanced rejuvenation of skin, muscle and organs.

We have been very successful using Colostrum to heal the digestive tract and other organs, and to support the immune system in instances of allergies, chronic illness, autoimmune conditions and injury. Colostrum has wide ranging benefits and has more than 25,000 scientific papers in medical journals that document Colostrum's ability to provide support for a wide range of pet health issues.

Available in a 90 gram container.

What to Look for in a Superior Colostrum Product:

Certified True Colostrum

Our Colostrum is certified True Colostrum by Cornell University. If other Colostrum products don't brag about this then they are not first milking colostrum and will not deliver all of the natural benefits that this product will.

Taken Early During the First Milking

Our Colostrum Powder is collected during the first 6 hours after birth which is when it contains the highest concentration of immune and growth factor. Many companies collect their "Colostrum" around 24 hours after birth (or even longer) at which point it has lost much of its potency and has turned into transitional milk. If the company does not promote this fact visibly, as we do, it is most likely not a high-quality Colostrum product.

Antibiotic & Hormone Free

Our Colostrum Powder is collected from cows from Grade A dairies that are hormone, antibiotic, rBST, herbicide and pesticide free and is tested ORGANIC!

Low Heat Processing

Our Colostrum Powder is low-heat, spray dried and no chemicals are ever added. Excessive heating can denature colostrum’s peptides and thus much of its healing and nutritional value.

100% human grade, 6 hour colostrum from USDA Grade A bovine that are BSE, herbicide, pesticide, antibiotic, steroid and hormone free. Tested ORGANIC!

Our Colostrum minimums of important constituents:

2300 ng/g of IGF-1

1.9% Lactoferrin

25% Immunoglobulins

24% Proline-Rich Polypeptides


Suggested Use for General Wellness:

1/4 tsp per 20 lbs daily. Divide dosage and mix with daily meals. Fifteen minutes prior to meals mixed with a little food or yogurt is optimum.

Intensive Use for Health Challenges:

May double dosage to help deal with immune and numerous other health challenges for as long as necessary or as directed by a holistic practitioner.

Storage: Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

Please note: On the product label we have a standard instruction which states: If digestive upset occurs reduce dosage and work up to suggested dose. Some customers have been concerned that the colostrum will cause digestive upset, but this is not the case, it is just a standard precaution we included for animals being given a new food. Colostrum is in fact an effective remedy for diarrhea and other digestive issues.

What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid produced from the mother's mammary glands during the first few hours after birth (0-8 hours for bovine/cow mothers). It provides life-supporting immune and growth factors that ensure the health and vitality of the newborn.

Why would my pet need Colostrum?

Research has shown that as our animals age, their bodies gradually produce less of the immune and growth factors that fight off disease and heal damaged tissues. With the loss of these vital components they become more vulnerable to disease, injury and other age related ailments. These problems are further compounded because we live in a toxic environment with pollutants and allergens all around us.

How safe is Colostrum?

Colostrum is a food and is safe for pets of all ages. It can be consumed in any quantity without any contraindications.

Why bovine (cow) Colostrum?

Scientific research conducted in the last decade (in major medical research centers and universities throughout the world) has shown that the molecular combinations of the immune and growth factors in cow's colostrum are virtually identical to other mammals. Research has also shown colostrum from a bovine (cow) is not species specific, and is up to 100-1000 times more potent than human colostrum. This means that every mammal on earth can benefit from bovine colostrum.

Why not use the Colostrum from goats?

We do not promote the use of goat colostrum because it is species specific and doesn't provide all the beneficial components necessary to help balance the entire body system.

Do the calves get enough Colostrum?

The calves' needs are always met first. Extra colostrum remains after the calves' needs are satisfied. Studies show that most calves would die or have serious health issues if they didn't get at least 2 quarts of colostrum (which doesn't do the dairy farmers any good). Our farmers ensure the calves get their fill and then collect the remainder.

What about raw Colostrum from a local dairy farmer?

Raw colostrum differs from dried colostrum in that it contains immune factors from just one parent. Dried colostrum is much more beneficial because it is pooled from thousands of cows which provides a broader base of immune factors.

What about Mad Cow Disease?

Strict testing is done to ensure the safety of the colostrum. Every batch is tested and comes with an Animal Health Certificate from the USDA. No transmission of this disease has ever been connected with the dairy industry, either here or abroad. US dairy foods are considered a model of consumer safety and nutrition.

What about Lactose Intolerance?

Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid produced by mammalian mothers prior to birth. It is not milk. True colostrum contains almost no lactose, so those that are lactose intolerant should have no problems with high quality colostrum.

When is your Colostrum collected?

Our colostrum is collected during the first 6 hours after birth which is when it contains the highest concentration of immune and growth factors. Many companies collect their "colostrum" around 24 hours after birth (or even longer) at which point it has lost much of its potency and has turned into transitional milk.

How does Colostrum interact with supplements or medications?

Colostrum has no drug interactions, but your pet may experience side effects from other supplements, herbs or medications he takes. Colostrum helps the bowel absorb; this means everything consumed may have a much higher uptake. Medications may need to be re-evaluated for dose and necessity by your animal's medical professional.

How will Colostrum help my pet age well?

As our pets age their body begins slowing down the production of growth hormones. These hormones are necessary for the reproduction of virtually all of their body cellular tissue. It has been shown that eventually an animal's body produces virtually no growth hormone, and so they age and die. Colostrum's growth factors are the actual hormones that stimulate the normal reproduction of body cellular tissue. Normal reproduction means just that (normal) not aged, cancerous, wrinkled or weakened. The New England Journal of Medicine stated that the most effective anti-aging process would be simply the replacement of growth hormones at proper levels to slow, possibly stop and even reverse the aging process.

Can Colostrum help speed the healing process?

Colostrum's immune factors are highly effective anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents to help reduce and eliminate infections in external injuries (cuts, burns, abrasions and surgical wounds). Colostrum also contains epithelial (skin) growth hormone that stimulates accelerated healing and powerful anti-inflammatory agents that can eliminate swelling and pain.


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I gave this to my kitty daily for three months and it quickly resolved his inflamed intestinal tract, reduced his frequent vomiting, and I could tell by the improvement in his fur that he was absorbing nutrients.
Helped heal my dog's intestinal problems after recurrent Coccidiosis. Hoping it also helps her GI intolerances, environmental allergies, and helps to slow down any progression of her early arthritis, joint problems. Also trying it on my cat that has auto-immune problems. An inflammatory growth on her tongue was taken off and it grew back, so hoping this can allow me to wean her QOD steroid meds down even more. She eats it in her food, no problem(and this is a very picky eater).
This Colostrum made a huge difference in managing our dogs IBS and allowed her many more comfortable years. A great product,
My cat is doing so much better since I tried this colostrum. Her loose stool is all firmed up and healthy looking. My vet said she has some sort of irritable bowel issue, but this cleared it right up. She is walking around and purring and just looking like she feels like her old self, so I am just thrilled.
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