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Aunt Jeni's Food Enhancer


Aunt Jeni's Food Enhancer is a healthy, all-natural way to enhance the appetite of ill or finicky pets, encouraging them to eat their food or transition to a new diet. A delicious and wholesome way to persuade picky eaters: one shake and your pets will come running for this great tasting topping!

Aunt Jeni's Food Enhancer Benefits

  • Formulated with all-natural, whole food ingredients.
  • Helpful for getting finicky eaters to try a new food or transitioning animals to an unfamiliar diet such as raw food.
  • Helpful for ill pets who have lost their appetites
  • Low in Fat
  • Uses no preservatives or chemicals
  • Made with a crunchy texture and irresistible taste!
  • Convenient double-sided lid: shake a sprinkle or spoon a larger helping

Aunt Jeni's Food Enhancer Details

Available in a 1.5 oz powder in a shaker top bottle.

Aunt Jeni's Enhance Appetite Aid Ingredients
May contain any combination of the following dried and powdered ingredients:

  • Lung: Beef
  • Fish: Whiting, Tilapia
  • Other Seafood: Clam, Shrimp
  • Chicken: Breast

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