Aunt Jeni's Allergy Aid




Aunt Jeni's Allergy Aid was specifically formulated by animal nutritionists in response to the many pet allergy related concerns troubling many of our animal companions.
Aunt Jeni's Allergy Aid helps make your animal more resistant to the most common triggers of allergic reactions while helping to give your companion long-term relief from allergies naturally, without dependence upon painful shots or harmful steroids. Designed to work best when paired with Aunt Jeni's Fish Oil + Vitamin E. Also recommended as a supplement to any food, but especially Aunt Jeni's Home Made 4 Life.

A note about allergies
Allergies and skin disorders emanate from the inside of your animal's body. Often times they are treated at the sight of irritation, such as skin or ears. However, you have to address the underlying cause of the problem for long-term healing and relief. Ofter times allergies are related to a sluggish liver, caused by years of vaccinations, use of topical flea and tick poisons, and household and lawn chemical exposure. To help, use a detox formula to help the liver clean out and get healthy. Diet plays a crucial role as well, of course, so sensitive or allergic animals need a natural diet, free of chemical additives and low-cost filler ingredients such as grains. Visit our 'Cleaning and Odor Control' section for some natural cleaners, which do a great job around the house without exposing your family to potentially harmful chemicals. In the yard try the Beneficial Nematodes, found in the 'Flea and Tick Control' section, for natural, effective lawn pest control!

Aunt Jeni's Allergy Aid Benefits

Aunt Jeni's Allergy Aid contains all-natural vitamin and herbal ingredients known for:

  • Boosting the immune system
  • Calming and soothing the skin
  • Promoting shiny, luxuriant coat growth

Aunt Jeni's Allergy Aid is helpful for animals that suffer from:

  • dull or brittle hair coat
  • "the itchies" all over
  • constant paw-licking
  • "gunky" ears
  • runny eyes

Aunt Jeni's Allergy Aid Details

Available in a container with 120 chewable tablets.

Aunt Jeni's Pet Allergy Formula Ingredients: (Per chewable tablet)
Vitamin C 250 mg, Ascorbic Acid 100 mg, Calcium Ascorbate 150 mg, liver (desiccated) 200 mg, Anchovy Powder 200 mg, Burdock Root 100 mg, Quercitin 100 mg, Biotin 100 mcg
Does Not Contain: Yeast, Soy, Milk/Dairy, Grain, Wheat, Corn, Sugar, Salt.

Aunt Jeni's Pet Allergy Formula Dosage:

Weight of Dog (in pounds) - Dosage Per Day
up to 30lbs - 1 tablet
30 - 60lbs - 2 tablets
60 - 90lbs - 3 tablets
over 90lbs - 4 tablets

Pet Allergy Formula Ingredient Information

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid and Calcium Ascorbate)
A vital part of collagen formation, this vitamin aids in the rebuilding of skin, coat and other cells. Vitamin C is also a natural anti-histamine, serving to reduce the body's inflammatory response to allergic triggers. AAFCO does not publish any requirement for Vitamin C for dogs, because technically the dog's body can synthesize it. However, providing additional Vitamin C has been shown to support the immune system and aid in reduction of allergy symptoms. They have included two forms of Vitamin C, to better provide the most readily absorbable and effective form for your pet.

Provides bioflavonoids, which are helpful in the absorption and metabolism of Vitamin C. They assist Vitamin C in performing its many functions within the body. Quercitin has also been proven to fight allergies by reducing or blocking the body's histamine response.

A member of the family of B-complex vitamins, biotin has been included because of its ability to strengthen your animal's coat and nails while reducing alopecia (hair loss) and the possibilities of skin and yeast infections.

Burdock Root
Traditionally associated with skin disorders, this herb has been included because of its known regenerative and cleansing abilities. It is a great blood purifier, ridding the body of allergens and irritants. It increases skin circulation, detoxifies epidermal tissues and reduces the ability of bacteria and fungus to flourish.

Liver and Anchovy Powder
These provide lots of healthy B Vitamins and essential amino acids, as well as a tasty flavor that makes Allergy Aid tablets taste great to your animal companion!