ArcTick Tick Removal Spray




ArcTick Tick Removal Spray is a FDA registered, non-toxic spray that instantly kills all ticks on contact. It accomplishes this, without chemicals, by using a blast of cold air that effectively kills the tick safely for your pet. By immobilizing the tick before removal, you effectively stop the transmission of fluids between the tick and your pet. It was designed to help prevent the spread of infectious disease which may occur during the removal of a tick. ArcTick is environmentally friendly, economical, safe, and proven to be 100% effective in laboratory testing!

ArcTick Tick Removal Spray Benefits

  • Kills ticks instantly to help prevent the transmission of on-board diseases
  • FDA Registered
  • University tested
  • Veterinarian approved
  • No chemicals!
  • Safe alternative to Spot-On pesticides
  • 100% Safe for your pets
  • 100% Deadly for ticks!

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