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Anxiety Wrap for Dogs

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The Anxiety Wrap for Dogs is based on the principals of Tellington Touch. The Anxiety Wrap was created to fill an existing need, an alternative or holistic approach to behavior modification for dogs and cats. When the Anxiety Wrap is used properly it has been shown to increase balance, self-confidence, focus, preparation for and during training, animal to animal socialization, animal to human socialization, bonding, relaxation, and gait awareness.

In addition, the Anxiety Wrap for Dogs helps to end dog and cat aggression, shyness, nervousness, releasing stress & tension, end jumping, stop destructive chewing, fear biting, car sickness, unnecessary barking, shyness, fear of loud noises, thunderstorm fear, sensitivity to touch, sensitive to sound, aloofness, emotional upset, hyperactivity, grooming issues and other anxieties.

How does the Anxiety Wrap for Dogs Work?
The Anxiety Wrap uses a technique called "Maintained Pressure" to help calm the sensory receptors. We've found The Anxiety Wrap works especially well in situations where your dog or cat is anxious or fearful, whether it's during a thunderstorm or trips to the vet or meeting new people. Due to the Anxiety Wrap's ability to help an animal become more focused, it is an excellent tool for use with gentle training methods. The Anxiety Wrap for Dogs can provide an under-confident animal with a greater sense of security, helping it become more comfortable and begin increasing confidence. For overly excited or hyper dogs/cats, the Anxiety Wrap can help an animal become more calm and relaxed. Every animal is unique and there are countless ways the Anxiety Wrap can improve your animal's quality of life.

Anxiety Wrap for Dogs Benefits

  • Developed by a veteran dog trainer.
  • Has calmed thousands of dogs for over 8 years.
  • Helps end fireworks and thunderstorm fear, barking, separation anxiety, and more!

Anxiety Wrap for Dogs Details

Anxiety Wrap Measuring and Sizing:
Measure your dog by using a cloth measuring tape, (not a metal ruler). You may use a string and place that against a metal ruler or yard stick to determine size.
Here is a 5-step guide on how to measure a dog for a good fit. Measuring your dog vs.using the weight guide is recommended to obtain the best fit.
1). Use a cloth or vinyl sewing tape measure.
2). Dog needs to be standing when measured.
3). Measure the circumference of the fullest part of the dog's ribcage behind front legs (normally the girth).
4). Pull tape measure slightly snug.
5). Do NOT round off the measurement.
Examples: Dog measuring between 28 and 30 15/16" would require a medium Anxiety Wrap. Dog measuring between 31 and 33 15/16" would require a large.
The Anxiety Wrap should be snug, but not tight

Anxiety Wrap Sizing Chart

Size Dog Girth
Toy 13-14"
Toy Plus over 14-16"
Mini over 16-19"
Mini Plus over 19-20"
XX-Small over 20-22"
X-Small over 22-25"
Small over 25-28"
Medium over 28-31"
Large over 31-34"
X-Large over 34-37"
2X-Large over 37-39"

Click Here for Measuring Help

Anxiety Wrap Color
Available in black.