Animals Apawthecary Nettle




Animals Apawthecary Nettle is formulated to:

  • Support Healthy Functioning of the Upper Respiratory System

  • Provide Broad Tonic Effects to the Body and Respiratory Functions

  • Encourage a Healthy Inflammatory Response

Animals Apawthecary Nettle helps provide support for a healthy upper respiratory tract. Nettle is a nutritious herb with a full complement of vitamins and minerals, though its most beneficial aspect may be its ability to moderate the body's inflammatory response to allergens, thereby limiting the symptoms we commonly refer to as allergies! For seasonal allergies begin using two weeks prior to allergy season for best results. We have great success with this product and it is a mainstay in our home!

Animals Apawthecary Nettle Benefits

  • Contains valuable plant extracts that support the upper respiratory tract.

  • A tonifying and nutritive herb rich in valuable vitamins and minerals.

  • Supports a healthy inflammatory response to allergens.

  • Formulated with organic herbs.

  • Extracted into a tincture making it much more effective and more easily assimilated by the body than dried herbs.

  • Formulated with glycerin which has a sweet flavor that is more readily accepted by most animals.

  • Alcohol free.

About the Herbs in Animals Apawthecary Nettle

Nettle leaf has been used since ancient times. The Greek physicians Dioscorides and Galen used Nettle leaf to support respiratory, urinary and reproductive health. By the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Eclectic physicians used this highly nutritious herb as an astringent and digestive aid and to support healthy skin. Although several studies have investigated the effects of Nettle and its constituents, the mechanism of action of Nettle leaf is still unknown. In vitro and ex vivo studies indicate that Nettle leaf extract inhibits prostaglandin and leukotriene synthesis and suppresses cytokine production. These substances are yet other inflammatory responses of the immune system; Nettle appears to help keep them within a healthy range.

Animals Apawthecary Nettle Details

Available in a 1oz and 2oz amber bottle with an unbreakable, recyclable, plastic dropper to assure safe application.

Animals Apawthecary Nettle Ingredients

Organic Nettle Leaf (Urtica dioica), vegetable glycerin USP, distilled water. Alcohol Free!

How to Use Animals Apawthecary Herbal Pet Remedy
Squirt directly into mouth as suggested on label or as directed by your holistic health care provider.

About Animals Apawthecary Glycerin-Based Holistic Herbal Pet Formulations
All are developed by leading veterinarian herbalists who are intimately familiar with the needs and sensitivities of our dogs, cats and ferrets. The herbs used are selected from the highest quality certified organic or sustainable wild-harvested North American sources in the world. These naturally balanced herbal blends have a sweet flavor that is more readily accepted by most dogs and cats as compared to other brands and come with an unbreakable, recyclable, plastic dropper to assure safe application.

Herbal Protocol
Herbal products are not meant to be used every day as food. It is best to give your animal breaks to make sure their body does not adapt to the herbs, making them less effective, and to allow your animal's body to eliminate constituents contained in the herbs so they do not build up to undesirable levels within the body. The following examples pertain to using herbs prophylactically, meaning as a preventative, or for chronic conditions. When using herbs for an acute condition, such as a short term illness, herbs may be used daily, depending on the herb, for one to three weeks, as long as no undesirable symptoms are displayed. There are different schools of thought on how to best use herbs longer term.

Five days on, two days off
This method is fairly obvious, take the herb for five days and then rest for two and repeat.

Periodic resting
If an extract is to be used for more than one week then take six days on and one day off. If an extract is used for more than six weeks then take six weeks on and one week off with a day off each week. If an extract is to be used for more than six months then take six months on and one month off with a day off each week.

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