Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium


Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium for Dogs and Cats is derived from a vegetable source, so you can be more sure of its purity and bio-availability! With this plant based calcium source there is less concern about lead contamination that you have with other calcium sources such as bone meal, which is a byproduct of the rendering industry, and dolomite. In addition, the calcium molecule is more readily absorbed from a plant source.

Animal Essentials Natural Calcium is a natural seaweed product harvested from the seabed off the southwest coast of Ireland. There amongst the cleanest and purest waters found anywhere in the world grows the small red seaweed Rhodophya, which is composed of a wide variety of body essential nutrients including calcium, magnesium, boron and zinc.

Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium for Pets Benefits

  • Easy to use for the home preparer to maintain the proper calcium to phosphorous ratio of around 1:1.

  • Derived from a natural vegetable source.

  • More bioavailable to your animal's body than other calcium supplements.

  • Obtained from clean waters off the southwest coast of Ireland.

  • Less concern about contaminates than other sources of calcium such as bone meal.

Animal Essentials Seawed Calcium for Pets Details

Available in a 12oz container.

Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium Ingredients
A natural mineral rich seaweed called Rhodophyta (Lithothamnion calcareum)

Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium Recommended Feeding
Add 1 teaspoon to each pound of home prepared food or as directed by a nutritionist

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