Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes and Probiotics




Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes and Probiotics assists in the digestion and absorption of nutrients which are necessary to maintain good health. Animal Essentials Enzyme and Probiotic Supplement relieves the extra burden placed on the digestive system because this product breaks down fats, carbohydrates, cellulose and protein.

This Enzyme and Probiotic Supplement Formula replenishes enzymes that are easily destroyed by the normal processing of commercial pet food as well as beneficial intestinal bacteria necessary for optimal digestion. Enzyme and probiotic supplementation is a great preventive measure to ensure good health. Animal Essentials Enzyme and Probiotic Supplement contains NO LACTOSE, sugar or preservatives!

Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes and Probiotics Benefits

  • Features all natural plant enzymes.

  • Provides both plant enzymes and probiotics in one easy to use product.

  • Provides a full array of enzymes to help your animal's body break down fats, carbohydrates, cellulose and proteins.

  • Makes more of the nutrients in food available to your animal.

  • Takes stress off organs like the pancreas that provide the bulk of your animal's enzymes for proper digestion.

Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes and Probiotics Details

Available in powder form in 100g and 300g containers.

Digestive enzymes are special types of protein molecules that catalyze the breakdown of food into components that can be utilized by the body. These proteins are not stored in the body but are released into the digestive system based on the anticipation, aroma, or actual presence of food. Because they are not stored they must be taken with each meal, preferably with the food. Animal Essentials' pet enzymes contain a blend of plant and microbial produced enzymes, none of which come from animal sources.

Animal derived enzymes will work in only one area of the digestive system, while plant and microbial enzymes work throughout the whole system, from the mouth to the stomach and into the intestines. As the body ages less enzymes are produced, and supplementation is necessary for optimum health. Also, digestive efficiency can be reduced by excitement, anxiety, or stress of any sort (travel, separation, working stress, etc.). Of course the heating of any foods above 105 degrees destroys living enzymes making supplementation a must for animals being fed kibble and canned food diets.

Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes and Probiotics Ingredients

Calcium sulfate, dried fermentation products of: Aspergilus oryzae (alpha and beta amylase), Aspergillus niger (lipase), Bacillus subtilus (protease), Trichoderma longibrachiatum (cellulase), pineapple (bromelain) and Bacillus coagulans (probiotic).

Animal Essentials Pet Enzyme Recommended Feeding
Add 1/8 teaspoon to each meal for every 30 lbs. For dry food add water sufficient to wet supplement.

I like this product for two reasons: the great value and the convenience of having both probiotics and enzymes in one supplement. I think this is a good product for the price and I have come to trust the quality of products from Animal Essentials. I have used this supplement for my animals for a while now, sometimes rotating in others for variety.